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Free Portuguese Lessons. Learn how to speak on line

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

In this section you will learn

Numbers from 100 - 900

You will learn how to put all the numbers together so you can express any number you need when you need it.

Free Portuguese Lesson 4: Learn More Numbers with our online lessons

Now you have learnt up to 100 in Portuguese its time for the big numbers.

This free Portuguese Lesson you will teach your self all the hundreds and how they fit together with the single numbers and the 10s

100: Cem Pronounced Seng

200: Dozentos Pronounced  Doz sen tush again from bulldozer

300: Trezentos Pronounced Tray sen tush

400: Quatrocentos Pronounced Quat sen tush

500:Quinhentosh Pronounced Kin Yhen tush

600: Siecentos Pronounced Say Sen Tush

700: Setecentos Pronounced Set Sen Tush

800: Oitecentos Pronounced Oi T Sen Tush

900: Novecentos Pronounced Nov Sen Tush ( like in novice )

1000: Mil Pronounced Mill

To say 210 you first say the 200 Dozentos and just add the 10 from the first lesson with an E ( Remember E = & )

Dozentos E Dez = 200 and 10 = 210

This pattern is followed on for all  the 100s so its easy to learn.

325 = Trezentos E (&) vinte cinco

           300             &     20      5 =  325

Portuguese 5 day, months, years Portuguese 3 numbers

Go to Lesson 5:  Days Months Years

Back to Lesson 3: Numbers 1 -100