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Learn Portuguese with our online Free Lessons.

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

In this section you will learn how to do the following.

Say Please.

Say Thank you.

Learn the correct way to address someone.

Lesson 2: how to say Please and Thank you in Portuguese.

The Portuguese like most cultures have various ways to say Please and Thank you depending on the situation and the person they are addressing. Much depends on their relationship with each other that determines how they speak to each other.

For the Portuguese this is quite important as it can seem a bit rude to address an elderly neighbour the same was as your teenage friend BUT for us foreigners its really not a problem and the Portuguese people are very understanding.

So we can really use any of these ways to say thank you or please and it will not upset anyone.

As this lesson is for beginners I wont bog you down in  the technicalities of the Portuguese greetings and just give you the most common and accepted greetings.

Thank you - Obrigado: Pronounced pretty much like it is spelt. Oo bri gaa doo. ( The doo is like homer simpsons Duh not like do )

Thank you very much - Muito Obrigado: The Muito has a un spelt N between the I & T is is pronounced Munto. You dont have to understand why it just has.

No Thank You - Nao Obrigado: Nao ( no ) is pronounced like NOW Oo bri gaa do

Yes Thank you - Sim Obrigado: Pronounced Sing Oo bri gaa do

If you are asked if you want something you would answer with a Sim ( yes ) Obrigado or a Nao ( no ) Obrigado.

You will hear the Portuguese just saying YES and NO sometimes where by us English would say Yes Please or No Thank you, This is not rude for the Portuguese and very normal so dont be too hung up on it. Sometimes a simple yes - no will do.

Please -  Por Favor: Pronounces Pur Favuur, even if you pronounced it like in most of the Hollywood films Por Favour you would be understood. Dont get too hung up on the pronunciation at this point as you are just a beginner and the Portuguese will understand what you mean.

The Portuguese are quite formal when they address and elder person of a person of note like a doctor or a business owner. They will say Sim Senhor ( yes sir )or Sim Senora ( yes madam ) But once again the Portuguese are very forgiving to us foreigners and will not bat an eyelid when we get this wrong so once again dont get too stuck up on this a simple yes or no is good enough.

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