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First things people ask about learning a new language.

Where do I start. - The best place is at the beginning, walk before you can run. Learn the basics, hello, goodbye, please, thank you, and build on that

What will it cost. Our beginners guide to teach yourself Portuguese is totally Free.

How hard is it to learn to speak Portuguese. That depends on the time and effort you are willing to put in but the rewards of speaking a new language are tremendous.

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  6. Telling The Time: This is self explanatory.
  7. Verbs: selection of the most used verbs.:
  8. How to ask for things:
  9. Eating Out: Order with confidence with our Eating out guide
  10. Travelling around: Learn how to ask for the correct ticked and understand Bus & Train Time tables.
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We will be adding more sections to our free online Portuguese lessons for you to learn as time goes on so keep checking back for more important words and phrases.

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