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Free Beginners Guide to Speaking Portuguese. Lessons on Line

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

In this section you will learn how to do the following.

Count Single Numbers 1 - 10

Learn 11 -19

Learn all the Tens 20 to 100

Free Lesson 3: Learn Portuguese Numbers.

Numbers are very important for everyday tasks like shopping and ordering beer. You will get by by sticking 2 or 3 finders up and pointing but its far more impressive if you an actually order the quantity of items you want without using your fingers.

So lets get started at the beginning.

Un-like English Portuguese is a Latin based language so it has female and male words. This can be confusing to us none Latin speakers but just accept what is told and you cant go wrong you dont need to understand the whys if you dont what to.

The basics of it is if it the word ends in an O it is male and if it ends in and A it is female.

1: un or uma. Pronounced Ung & Uma depending if the word is female or male. For a male word ending in O you use un, for a female word ending in A you use uma, uma cerveja ( 1 beer ) un carro ( 1 car )

2: dois or duas pronounced Doish & Doo ash. again the rule applies for female words or male words, dois for male words ending in O and Duas for female words ending in A

3: Tres pronounces Traysh.

4: Quatro Sounds just Like it spelt.

5: Cinco Pronounced Sin koo

6: Seis Pronounces Saysh

7: Sete Pronounces Set

8: Oito Pronounces oi too

9: Nove Pronounces nov like in novice

10: Dez Pronounces Desh

11: Onze Pronounced like its spelt Oon zz

12: Doze Pronounced like a dose from bulldozer

13: Treze Pronounced almost like its spelt but in some northern regions its pronounces like Trailz

14: Quatorze Pronounced Car Torres like car doors

15: Quinze Pronounced like Keen with a z Keenz

16: Dezesseis Pronounced des eh saysh

17: Dezessete Pronounced Des ah set 16 & 17 can sound very similar to each other when the locals say them so you will have to listen carefully

18: Dezoito Pronounced Dez oi too

19: Dezenove Pronounced Z a nov like in novice.

20: Vinte Pronounced Vint like Lint but with a V.

Portuguese numbers are pretty simple once you have learnt 1 - 20 then the pattern for 21 31 41 etc is quite easy and follows the same pattern through out the process up to 100.

To say 21 you just say 20 vinte and ad the 1 un- uma ( remember male or female words )

So 22 = vinte e dois or vinte e duas ( e means and )

23 vinte e tres and so on.

30: Trinta.

31 Trina e un 32 trinta e dois 33 trinta e tres 34 trinta e quatro 35 trinta e cinco Etc same pattern for all of the tens

40: Quarenta

50: Cinquenta

60: Seisenta

70: Setenta

80: Oitenta

90: Noventa

100: Cem Pronounced seng

Portuguese 2 thankyou Portuguese 4 more numbers

Go to Lesson 4:  More Numbers

Back Lesson 2: Please & Thank you