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Free Portuguese Lessons. What time is it

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

In this free Portuguese lesson section you will learn how to ask what time it is.

You will also learn how to tell the time in Portuguese.

What time is it. Que horas sao.

Free Online Portuguese Lesson 6:  Learn for to ask the time in Portuguese.

When asking the time in Portuguese you dont ask “what time is it” you sat “what hours are”. Yes to us English speakers it doesn't make sense but it is what it is just accept it.

What time is it; Que Horas Sao. Pronounced Key oras saw ( like south - remember the H is never pronounced in Portuguese language)

As stated above it literally means “what hours are”

Asking the time in Portuguese
Here are 2  ways to ask the time. They both mean the same thing,

What time is it?

Que hora é ele?

Por favor, que horas são?

Que horas são?

Telling Time in Portuguese
In Portuguese, to tell someone the time, is much the same as in English.

You first say the hour number, then the word “E”(remember E means and) and finally the minute number.
São dez
e vinte. - It's ten twenty.(Sao actually means “are” more on  this in a later lesson)

If the time is at the top of the hour 7 oclock for instance you say:
São sete horas - It’s seven o’clock / it’s 7:00 am

For “half an past the hour”, you can use  “e meia” in the place of "and a half":
São cinco e meia (It’s five thirty)

If the minutes have gone past the 30 minutes make you would say the hour, then minus the number of minutes it is to the hour

Sao Cinco minus dez: it is Five minus 10 or ten to 5 or 4.50

For midnight and midday in Portuguese:
É meia-noite - It's midnight ( note this is E with the tild above the E so this means “it is”  not and.

É meio-dia - It's noon

In Portuguese, when you want to say am or pm, use the expressions

da manhã“ day time

da tarde  afternoon

da noite. Night

Those expressions are used with specific time.

Vou a minha casa às 6:00 da tarde. - I go to my house at 6:00 pm

When you want to express that an event occurs at a precise time use the preposition “às” (at).

A festa começa às 9:00 - The festival / party starts at nine o’clock.

For express the time that an event begins and ends uses the structure: from (hour) to (hour) = das (horas) às (horas) or the structure das (horas) até as (horas).

A festa será das 9:00 até às 10:00.
The festival / party will be from nine to ten.

A festa será das 9:00 até as 11:00.
The festival / party will be from nine till eleven.

Portuguese 5 day, months, years

Coming soon Lesson 7:

Lesson 5: Days - Months - Years