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Helpful articles & forum for expats in Portugal.

Article list, forum and help for expats Portugal

Here are a list of useful articles and guides to help our Expats community living in Portugal. If there is a subject you need help with and it is not in the list please contact us or you can join the Expats forum and ask other expats living here in Portugal their advice.

As you can imagine the list of articles and guides is not difinitive but it is growing  and growing with more being added most days.

If there is a topic you need help and advice on while living in Portugal please contact us and we will do our best to find help and advice on the topics you need

Property Buying Guide.

Everything you need to know about buying a house or property in Portugal. We cannot cover all aspects of property buying in Portugal as each and every purchase will be different in some way but in these two articles we have covered the most of the important issues faced by expats when buying property main topics. If you need more help you can join the forum

Importing a car into Portugal.

Legal stuff you need to know on how to import a car into Portugal. Here you will find a PDF to download from the British consulate in Lisbon. This is quite a thorough article and you should not need anything else but if you do than join the forum and get help from Expats who have actually imported a car or a vehicle

Driving in Portugal.

All the legal stuff and laws you need to know when driving in here in Portugal. As Expats you must always abide by the laws of the country you are living in an Portugal is no different. Good article on keeping you legal and safe while you are driving on the roads in Portugal. Please join our forum if you have any help and advice you can pass on to your fellow expats living here.

Tax Laws.

As expats in Portugal you will no doubt be subject to some tax. That tax may be property tax or you may have started a business here either way just as in UK you will have to pay some kind of tax. Our expats forum has plenty of advice on this subject.


What will it mean for you.

Forest Fires & land clearing.

Very important please read .

Portuguese Heath Care system.

Your health while in Portugal.

Internet & Broadband.

Find a broadband suppler.

Pension QROPS what it means to you.

How to sort your pension while living in Portugal.

Articles to come:


Useful Apps. Translator, Rome-Rio…

Getting around in Portugal. Help with buying train and bus tickets……..

Property tax in Portugal………..

Sorting Your Post……

If the topic you are looking for is not in the list please contact us and we will do our best to find help and advice on the things you need.

List of topics to help expats living in Portugal