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Free Online Portuguese Lessons.

Free Teach yourself Portuguese Guide.

In this section you will learn how to do the following.

Learn days of the week Monday to Sunday.

Understand all the Months and how they sound.

Learn how to express years in numerical form  like the Portuguese.

Learn today, yesterday etc.

Free Portuguese Lesson 5:  Learn to do say Days Weeks Months in Poruguese.

The Portuguese have 2 ways of expressing the days of the week.

First you need to know  the word Feira, This is to go with ever day of the week except Saturday and Sunday. It actually means market, holiday or festival

Monday: Segunda Feira ( segnda is the second as the Portuguese start of the week is Sunday

Tuesday: Terca Feira Pronounces Terssa ( Terca being third )

Wednesday: Quarta Feira Pronounced Kwarta ( once again Quarta is four Quatro )

Thursday: Quinta Feira Pronounced Keen Ta

Friday: Sexta Feira Pronounced Sesh Ta.

Saturday: Sabado Pronounced pretty much like its spelt sab a doo

Sunday: Domimgo Pronounced again like its spelt Dom ing oo

When saying Monday, Tuesday etc you dont need to add the Feira unless the topic of conversation is not known. You can just say I was shopping sexta, segunda, etc

January: Janeiro Pronounces Shan ay roo

February: Fevereiro Pronounces Fev e r ay you

March: Marco Pronounces Mar soo

April: Abril Pronounces Abril

May: Maio Pronounces Mayoo

June: Junho Pronounces Joo noo

July: Julho Pronounces joo loo

August: Agosto Pronounces aww gust oo

September: Setembro Pronounces ss tem broo

October: Outobro Pronounces Ot oo broo

November: Novembro Pronounces nov em broo

December: Dezembro Pronounces dzz emb roo

To specify a given year like 1920 you have to say it in full numbers form.

1920 = Mil ( 1000 ) novecentos (900) E vinte (20)

1921 = Mil ( 1000 ) novecentos (900) E vinte un (21)

Some useful words to augment the days of the week.

Today: Hoje Pronounces osh ( remember the H is never sounded in Portuguese)

Tomorrow: Amanha Pronounces Am an yha

Yesterday: Ontem Pronounces On teng

The day before yesterday: Anti Ontem.

Week: Semanha Pronounces Sem ahn a

Next Week: Proxima Semanha Pronounces Pross I ma, Sem ahn a

Last Week: Semanha Passada. Pronounces Sem ahn a, Pass aa da

Month: Mes Pronounces Mesh.

Year: Ano

Portuguese 6 time Portuguese 4 more numbers

Go to Lesson 6: Telling the time  

Back to Lesson 4: Numbers 100 -1000