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Broadband Internet Portugal

What you will need.

Most if not all broadband internet service providers in Portugal will  require you to provide the following.

Tax Number. ( contruibinte )

Proof of Address. (utility bill or similar)

A copy of your Passport or ID card.

Proof Of Residency.

Telephone Number.

You will find that normally won’t be able to subscribe to an internet package in Portugal without first being a resident in Portugal.

Internet Service Providers Portugal.

Some of the most well known ISPs in Portugal.

PT telecom and ZON are the main internet service providers (ISP) in Portugal. An ADSL internet connection through a landline is the most common solution for most home internet installations. As with most places across Europe there are tiers of cost for different broadband speeds. Other companies provide internet by satellite and cable this generally has a significantly higher cost than the ADLS broadband solution.





VSAT satellite services.

One Web.

Optimus Cilx Services.

Internet In Portugal

Broadband in Portugal is called banda larga and it is widely considered to function better than broadband services in the UK due to the fact that Portugal was one of the last countries to embrace broadband technology and thus has a system with newer design and technology. Due to the geography and industries in Portugal, telecommunications companies sometimes use the country to trial the latest industry developments. As a result, you can sometimes find the latest internet devices on the market in Portugal before they arrive in UK shops.

Mobile internet through a dongle.

You can also connect to the internet through a mobile ‘dongle’  this is a small device that you plug into your computer via a USB port (most modern computers and laptops are fitted with at least 2 USB ports. As with most things regarding internet connection a dongle comes with several different price and speed options. The coverage of the broadband signal will vary in coverage depending on where you live so check this out before you buy. There are pre-pay dongle available similar to a mobile phones where you top up your dongle before you can access the internet., With rates averaging around €1 per hour for a 1MB speed. You will have to buy the dongle first this is extra but you will own it.

Mobile broadband and using WiFi

If you don’t have broadband at home yet you can still access the internet. Portugal has a very large network of WiFi hotspots throughout the country, typically WiFi hotspots will be in places like hotels, public spaces like parks and outdoor venues, football stadiums, airports among others. Portugal's Meo WiFi will allow you to access their internet service through hotspots within most of the major cities. As mentioned above you can also purchase an internet dongles on a pay as you go or contract basis This will give you access to surf the web when you are mobile and out and about. These can be quite expensive and will only work in an area with a good Wifi signal.

A lot of people use mobile broadband to access the internet in Portugal. This can be a good way to get online if you have just move to Portugal and are in the process of finding a permanent place to live or don’t want to signing up for a broadband contract.

Internet Cafes or Cybercafés

Internet Cafes are getting more and more popular in Portugal but are still not as mainstream as most of the other countries in Europe. Most of the internet cafes are based in the main cities Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Coimbra etc. They can also be found in the more tourist areas. Most normal cafes are also getting in wifi and offering it free to their customers. So if you are really stuck and need your fix of emails and face book you should be able to find some outlet where you can connect to the internet  in Portugal.

Internet Service Providers in Portugal.


How to get broadband internet in Portugal.

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Where do I go to get internet access?

The process of getting broadband internet to your property in Portugal is pretty much as you can imagine the same as in the UK. Contact the ISP (internet service provider – broadband company) either through their website, by telephone or if visit one of their shops. Most broadband suppliers in Portugal have shops in many of the Hypermarkets and shopping centers. Expect to fill in lots of forms but once you have been signed up and accepted you should get your Broadband Internet supply in around a week if there is not any major problems with the lines going to your property.